Friday, 2 May 2014

NuNu Restaurant 

1 Veivers Rd,Palm Cove

Location and setting : Just moved into the Alamanda Palm Cove (formerly Angsana). It has the best position beach front and no road between you and the beach. NuNu have done a little bit of work to the place before moving in. 
Food  / Menu : A quick lunch 1 course lunch. Three of u,s all different dishes and I got the winner. commentary from the table and i also tasted all dishes with or without their consent! Pork was a mismatch of flavours, Veal was very small and also had a taste issue and mine the prawn, pumpkin, noodles & ponzu  was a pleasant tasting dish
Drinks : A glass of wine each, Mine was a Lake Breeze Reserve Chardonnay - a winner
Special :
Location location location
Service : Very nice staff and everything arrived as you would expect. a few things were a bit flimsy, asking for cutlery, over compensating with friendliness when they had to ask who had what. not what you expect for the price you pay and how busy it was.

 Name from when they were down the other end of the street

Name from their new website (which is under construction)

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