Friday, 2 May 2014

Fratelli on Trinity

 47 Vasey Esplanade Trinity Beach

Location & Setting : Brilliant location right on the beach. the place has been renovated and a really nice job done with a relaxed feel yet a little groovy 
Food  / Menu : Nice reading menu - Calamari, Pomegranate & Chorizo Salad  was my choice today. Fresh tasty a great light lunch dish
Drinks : Lunch time so a glass of Pirramimma Reisling was in order
Special :The setting and restaurant feel
Service : Off to a good start. Drink on the table in no time and water without asking. service was swift both to deliver and clear my main meal and the staff were good and professional. Then I sat, finished my water and waited - I was wanting desert and coffee. Waited for 15 minutes, still no offer, they were not busy, I was the only one eating. So I up paid and left. Still wanted dessert!! Had a look at Lunico's menu - not for me today. On to Lime Tree AH.. yes the special of the day. 

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