Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Location and setting : Beach front Palm Cove northern end. A simply styled shed with plastic chairs a real beach shack feel and no scary flashiness. Love it..
Food  / Menu : Only went here this time for dessert as the place we went to for lunch did not give us the opportunity to tuck in. I have always wanted to go to beach Almond but it's always closed when i want to go.. my problem. We were not disappointed - 2 desserts were had (there was 2 of us) a creme brulee and there sticky rice and banana  
Drinks : A glass of dessert wine & glass of Champagne - great wine list

Special : Location - a walk down the jetty after lunch give you a spectacular view back on the coast. 
Service :Even though it was only dessert and one glass of wine plus a coffee I was thrilled with the service. Great staff, personality and knowledgeable and know when to be at the table. I didn't have the opportunity to go thirsty which was a pleasant surprise. Now i am just planning when to go back for dinner to really try the menu to the fullest.

45 Williams Esplanade
Palm Cove QLD 4879

O'sheas - Machans Beach, Qld

Location and setting : Great position, plenty of parking and right on the beach. Well there is a road between you and the beach but really no traffic to contend with. So uninterrupted views out to sea. Nice relax layout, nicely done.
Food  / Menu : A quick lunch was  the plan and I had never been to this place before, always seen the signs on the highway - So there advertising is working.. well it did for me. small menu, easy to choose as it had some old fashioned dishes that just suited the place. The two meals ordered were seafood basket & garlic prawns. The food was very good loaded with fresh juicy seafood. The seafood basket was not as expected and a pleasant surprise : cooked and natural items in the basket. Garlic prawns were Yum.
Drinks : A glass of wine each ; very very average wine list

Special : Location and relaxed feel about the place. Very comfortable place to spent a few hours if you wish
Service : Nice and friendly staff, food & drinks order was taken when we wanted it which was nice and drinks were back on the table pronto. H2o was automatically put on the table which is great. I always like a 2nd drink with my lunch if I'm going to have wine, but I will not wave my arm around to get it. If your glass is empty I would expect it to be asked if I would like another or something else. We waited, the meals were finished, we waited and not even an inquiry as to the need for another beverage. So again another missed opportunity of more revenue in the restaurants register!!

Why oh why: thirsty again - Guess its more money to spend elsewhere. 
Off to the Beach Almond for dessert with extra cash to spend there.

 169 O'Shea Esplanade, Machans Beach, 4878

Friday, 2 May 2014

NuNu Restaurant 

1 Veivers Rd,Palm Cove

Location and setting : Just moved into the Alamanda Palm Cove (formerly Angsana). It has the best position beach front and no road between you and the beach. NuNu have done a little bit of work to the place before moving in. 
Food  / Menu : A quick lunch 1 course lunch. Three of u,s all different dishes and I got the winner. commentary from the table and i also tasted all dishes with or without their consent! Pork was a mismatch of flavours, Veal was very small and also had a taste issue and mine the prawn, pumpkin, noodles & ponzu  was a pleasant tasting dish
Drinks : A glass of wine each, Mine was a Lake Breeze Reserve Chardonnay - a winner
Special :
Location location location
Service : Very nice staff and everything arrived as you would expect. a few things were a bit flimsy, asking for cutlery, over compensating with friendliness when they had to ask who had what. not what you expect for the price you pay and how busy it was.

 Name from when they were down the other end of the street

Name from their new website (which is under construction)

Lime Tree Bar & Grill

 28 Trinity Beach Road, Trinity Beach

Location and setting : tucked away just off the main road into trinity beach overlooking a lake. A tropical oasis with a rather comfortable feel about it.
Food  / Menu : I came here for dessert today but while I was there had a look at the lunch menu and I will be back tomorrow as it read so well. My choice of dessert was easy - there special was an Eton Mess (made popular by MKR-igged). I was extremely happy - it was YUM.
Drinks : Coffee - Made well, right strength and arrived when I needed it.
Special : its an unobtrusive relaxed setting and really quite pleasant place to sit

Service : Spot on - great staff, efficient and friendly. they got me to a table, order taken and were knowledgeable about the food. timing was also good with delivery of my dessert.

Fratelli on Trinity

 47 Vasey Esplanade Trinity Beach

Location & Setting : Brilliant location right on the beach. the place has been renovated and a really nice job done with a relaxed feel yet a little groovy 
Food  / Menu : Nice reading menu - Calamari, Pomegranate & Chorizo Salad  was my choice today. Fresh tasty a great light lunch dish
Drinks : Lunch time so a glass of Pirramimma Reisling was in order
Special :The setting and restaurant feel
Service : Off to a good start. Drink on the table in no time and water without asking. service was swift both to deliver and clear my main meal and the staff were good and professional. Then I sat, finished my water and waited - I was wanting desert and coffee. Waited for 15 minutes, still no offer, they were not busy, I was the only one eating. So I up paid and left. Still wanted dessert!! Had a look at Lunico's menu - not for me today. On to Lime Tree AH.. yes the special of the day.