Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Le Crouton


Location and setting : 227 Kamerunga Rd, Freshwater Just near the train station if your catching the scenic Kuranda train
Food  / Menu : Patisserie and Bakery - lovely French pastries 
I had a cherry danish - The BEST pastry flaky, light and truly just out of the oven
Drinks : Great Coffee made very well and what you would expect when ordering a flat white.

Special :delightful pastries and ready made savory baguettes
Service : Straight forward order at the counter and it's brought to you at the little tables

Macaron Cafe - Cairns

Location and setting : 19/62 Grafton St - nice setting just near Rusty's Market
Food  / Menu : Patisserie and Café specializing in French pastries - had a berry danish that had pastry without a flake to be seen - not freshly baked
Drinks : Coffee - If you wanted it the way they made it, it was OK.  I asked for a third little less milk in the cup to keep the strength of the Coffee up, they checked with me and confirmed but still a full cup arrived and weak coffee. Why do people pretend to listen. this is not a barrister
Special : was once

Service :Got me what I wanted and then back to there gossip session. I was the only one in the cafe at 8:30am

On my way towards the northern beaches of Cairns I made a detour to  :
Le Crouton a French Bakery at 227 Kamerunga Rd, Freshwater QLD 4870
Now were talkin - Fresh, flaky, delightful, a superbly made Cherry Danish 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Anyone in need of ideas for there next home? Link to other ideas below
5. Can you say staircase slide?
One flight of stairs is too many
up is no fun 
down could be great fun

Friday, 4 April 2014

Champagne Jean Jacques Lamoureux is a champagne house you should visit if you are in the Côte des Bar and anywhere near Les Riceys

I am still in Côte des Bar (September 2013) and this was on our last day before we had planned to leave for the Marne Region. I had read a bit about Jean Jacques and his training and Champagne making style and wanted to visit his house if possible. No need to make an appointment as his cellar door was open until 6pm. I thought I had ample time to get there but we ended stay at the previous house way over our expected time. You have to love your TomTom GPS it got us there just in time and I'm glad it did. The Champagnes were superb and this was one of my favorites and chosen ones to bring back and have at home.

As the Champagne houses are small in Côte des Bar, some that I wanted to visit are open by appointment only. I had per-arranged 2-3 visits per day and some visits lasted for 2 to 3 hours so a day goes very quickly and the region is very large which involves a lot of driving to cover the whole region. 

If you favour a champagne or two head to the  Côte des Bar

Thursday, 3 April 2014