Monday, 31 March 2014

Now to move towards one of my favorite letters in FBP and that is B for Booze but in this case the one in particular I would like to pop the cork on is Champagne and a Champagne house I visited in 2013 in a region I had not yet visited  : Côte des Bar. There are certainly more than one Champagne houses that I found  to my liking but I have to start at one (not in any specific order of preference) other than this one is a most recently consumed bottle.

The House was Champagne Gaston Cheq located between Meurville and Bar sur Seine.

The bottle that came back with me was the Special Cuvee 2007 and it was indeed very special. It had all the things I like in a Champagne

If you have free time in July there is a festival on in Côte des Bar

Champagne Gaston Cheq  location map

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