Friday, 8 April 2016

For all those who are not aware or have not used airbnb : 

Their is an a component of the payment procedure which is unclear and can cost you unexpectedly. As you proceed though the process of making a booking and provide your credit card details you are never advised that the charge will be made in USA.

When searching the website for accommodation, in my case all rates where shown in Australian dollars. Airbnb has a physical presence in Australia so I wrongly assumed they would charge locally as well. They do not.  Most credit card providers attract an international transaction fee and you only find out once it has hit your account. It varies from bank to bank but in my case it was 3% of the transaction amount. If your intend on making several bookings this can add up to a free nights accommodation.!!!

I did write to airbnb and yes as they advised it is in there T's & C's - the usual small print that I don't read....Boo Hoo... 

If I were made aware I would have used a different credit card.

This one:

The 28 degrees MasterCard as it does not attract any foreign currency or international transaction fees by the provider. The best card for me to take travelling as well.

Cheers and Happy Travels