Sunday, 29 November 2015

YES : Again Avianca have an offer 

this one is short but sweet yet again

US$33 will buy you 1,000 LifeMiles costing just under AU$46, with this offer you will get 2,400. Bring this back to dollars per 1,000 LifeMiles in AU and it sits at $19.15 - putting it at the upper end in value. I consider this to be a little expensive if you are not going to use them straight away. The AUD/USD conversion is just crap right now for this sort of thing. I have written to LifeMiles and asked if my credit card can be charged in Colombian Peso and at what value per 1,000 and am waiting for a response. This may make the choice to purchase a little easier. I just don't like purchasing in USD...

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hashira Cafe & Deli

If you are in Narita Japan this is a great little cafe to go to. It would be one of the few places I would definitely have a coffee - they make it and they make them good.

Lunch is also great, they have a little deli cabinet to choose you lunch set from, always an interesting and makes it hard to decide. But you get there in the end and enjoy this cafe hidden on a side street really close to the JR Narita train station.

Matcha or Coffee

what will it be

Matcha for me this time

This is where to find them

Street addressNarita, Chiba Prefecture Hanazaki cho 839-30
Nearest stationJR Narita Station / Keisei Narita Station
Directions toJR Narita Station than a 1-minute walk 
from the 2-minute walk Keisei Narita Station 
to the east exit of the Rotary of JR There are alternating. 
It is a short around the way of that aside.
phone number0476-22-0789
business hours7:00 to 19:00