Monday, 29 December 2014

Newmans Horseradish & Rusticana Wines

We here we are again : A trip to South Australia and a little time spent on the  Fleurieu Peninsula. 

This time I write a little about my experience that is not so savory or pleasant

I will not allowing my first experience be the only one I accept, particularly when the products are so good.  Namely the Newmans HorseRadish and other product that they have available at their cellar door, like Franck Food which is absolutely fantastic.

A return visit within the same year and wanting, needing and expecting a much better experience
but no
A customer experience that had none of these : welcoming, warmness, friendliness, conversation
It was an experience that made me want to leave rather quickly 
Which I did 
without a purchase 

Franck Food lost out because I had my eye on several of there products as well as a couple of bottles of wines and a large jar of there own flagship product.

I know who was representing the business on the day and I am extremely disappointed with that attitude.
There product is so good and this person is not, this type of attitude damages the image of the area and other peoples business. Think about the people around you, not just yourself.


Great Staff, Great Wine Selection, Great Service
and most importantly

Great Fun !!

And yes I bought loads to take home 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Life Miles 

Have done it again

LifeMiles is the frequent flyer program for Avianca and TACA

Condition : you must be a member prior to 19th December 2014

If you were a member you would got an email on 1st December offering a sweetener, for that day only if you purchased you would receive a bonus 25% on top of the 100% offered

A purchase of 66,000 miles netted 128,500 miles

Now that's getting in a nice position for 2015 

Here is what LifeMiles has done for me so far

The past year I have redeemed equivalent to 255,000 miles using miles (150,000) and pay (105,000) method allowing me to travel the following flights in business class
(taking a companion on one flight)

1 seat : Singapore (Singapore Airlines)  Shanghai (Air china) Sydney
2 seats : Tokyo (Lufthansa) Frankfurt (SAS) Oslo (SAS) Tromsø
1 seat : Copenhagen (Swiss) Zurich (Swiss) Tokyo