Monday, 22 September 2014

Frequent flyer Points (Miles) 
A deal to be had

Being a new comer to the world of Frequent flyer Points or Miles as they are known in other parts of the world, here is my first jump in the deep end and see what happens when you buy into a deal that you read about online. 

I have been reading many blogs and websites relating to building a bank of miles either by earning them through multiple avenues or buying them when a deal is on offer.
Yes a deal came around where I could buy bundles of 1000 for a price and the offer was get 2 for 1. So I did, I purchased 50,000 and got 100,000 credited to my account. Still cautious as to the thought that I have just paid for frequent flyer points (miles) from the national airline and flag carrier of Colombia : Avianca. A Star Alliance member at least when you know nothing about the airline itself.

Yes I have trialled the use of these lovely miles and they do work. I purchased an award ticket from Singapore to Shanghai to Sydney in business class and it cost a little over A$800. The first leg was with Singapore Airlines and the second leg with Air China.  It's not just the business class seats that converts into a flat bed and french champagne, It's the priority treatment at the airport, It's the lounge access in the terminal before you even get on the airplane.

So when the offer pops up again I'm in for every miles or Point I can get...

If you decide to have a go please let me know how it went for you.

Cheers and happy traveling at the pointy end...


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