Monday, 3 March 2014

Just recently I spent a week in Strathalbyn South Australia and while I was there I went to one of my must visit wine regions. It's under 15 minutes drive away : Langhorne Creek. First stop was a tasting room called the Winehouse which presents a bunch of boutique Langhorne Creek labels.

One of my favourite wines is a Durif but I was not aware if this wine was produced in the area. I asked at the WineHouse and they sent me to Newmans HorseRadish Farm as they had Rusticana Wines  and they made a Durif which was available for tasting. In the car 10 minutes away and a tasting was done and a purchase was made. Holiday tasting is always fraught with danger (tastes good while on holidays but not so good when you are at home) and that's why you must take one home to try!!

While I was at Newmans HorseRadish Farm I spotted another product/brand I have not seen Franck Food and they make the best Pâté I have tasted - As they say "Do yourself a favour" and try it : beautiful

There is so much more to this short week that is good food good wine and interesting people  but another day for that..

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