Monday, 31 March 2014

Now to move towards one of my favorite letters in FBP and that is B for Booze but in this case the one in particular I would like to pop the cork on is Champagne and a Champagne house I visited in 2013 in a region I had not yet visited  : Côte des Bar. There are certainly more than one Champagne houses that I found  to my liking but I have to start at one (not in any specific order of preference) other than this one is a most recently consumed bottle.

The House was Champagne Gaston Cheq located between Meurville and Bar sur Seine.

The bottle that came back with me was the Special Cuvee 2007 and it was indeed very special. It had all the things I like in a Champagne

If you have free time in July there is a festival on in Côte des Bar

Champagne Gaston Cheq  location map

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Today and nearly a week has passed since Piper's surgery - you can see by the pic all the redness has gone and the stitching and wound look a lot better. We had to make him a cone head for a few days because when we were not looking he would lick the stitches

 He is showing a slow improvement in mobility, starting to put the foot on the ground and allowing it to take a little bit of weight.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It has been 2 full days at home for Piper the Boarder Collie after having his surgery to replace a crucial ligament. He seems to be dealing with the very unattractive haircut he has had and did come home also with a plastic cone head look so that he could not lick the wound or stitching but I have removed this and so far he has been rather good at withholding from the temptation to lick. caught him twice and that seems to be enough to know it's not an allowable thing to do.

 Lincoln his buddy who is rather intrigued by all that has happened is keeping a close eye how he is progressing

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Today the 'P' in FBP has turned into 'P' for Pet. I have a 11 year old Boarder Collie who has just injured a cruciate ligament in a rear leg which has made it unable to be used or carry any weight. This was confirmed with an Xray taken which showed the ligament was torn completely from the bone. As the Vet explained this is a straight forward yet long operation to repair and the dog would be walking again in no time.

This took me to doing a little research into pet insurance and noticing that all policies I have seen have a 6 month waiting period for accidental injury relating to cruciate ligaments and also if on leg has a pre-existing injury or condition which there can be two of,  it will be considered as a Bilateral Condition. I have included a cut and paste below from definitions out of one policy's PDS.

I have another Boarder Collie who is 1.5 years old and he will be getting pet insurance at about  9 years as he is a highly energetic hound and when the cost of this operation is between $2200-$2500 the insurance will be worth having in his latter years.

 Bilateral Condition means any Condition affecting body parts of which the   Pet has two, one each side of the body (e.g. ears, eyes, knees, cruciate   ligaments). For the purposes of your Cover under the policy when applying   a Benefit Limit or exclusion, a Condition arising in one such body part will   be regarded as a Bilateral Condition and will therefore be considered as a   single Condition. For example: If your Pet has been diagnosed prior to being   insured under the policy [or prior to the end of the Waiting Period (if applicable)],   with a Condition on one side of the body, future occurrences of the same   Condition arising on the other side of the body will not be covered. In other   words, if a dog has been diagnosed with a cruciate tear in his left leg before     the    end    of    the    Waiting    Period,    a    subsequent    cruciate    tear    in    his    right    leg    will      be excluded as a Pre-existing Condition.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Haruka Edge Hill Queensland

Location and setting : tucked away in a small row of shops
Food  / Menu : Bento - great value & quality lunch. good selection in the Bento and fresh
Drinks : Asahi on tap perfect with Japanese   
Special : simple style with no fuss
Service : Really nice staff and they are a bit of fun 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Pharrell Williams

Is he still in Australia?

A perfect photo opportunity .....

Location is Palm Cove Queensland, a little islanad just of the coast affectionately called Scouts Hat

Heli Pharrell in : the man in the scouts hat on the BIG scouts hat. We love big things in Oz


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dropped in for lunch yesterday..
Great afternoon on the deck
Live music - a lovely elderly couple were up dancing - nice to see

Location and setting : Such a great view over the marina and out to sea
Food  / Menu : Food was as expected, nice and tasty 
Drinks : A bottle of 2010 Salinger 
Special :Hadn't been there for a long time and forgotten how nice a setting it is
Service :Table service and the staff were very prompt and efficient a afternoon that was made with good service. Cheers

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Free Again -

Derryn Hinch has conviction in what he does.

look what he says about what he saw inside a prison (in his words)...  "But this was like a rustic country club.  It has a tennis court and a pool

It kept nagging me that there are heaps of pensioners not
living this well. The men in my unit would eat more meat in a week than a
pensioner would in a month.

And I felt for the prison guard whose wife works in aged care
and whose law-abiding residents get the choice of two meagre dishes a
night. In this jail prisoners get four."

Free Again -

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

 Yesterday I went to a Cafe : Osmosis on Collins Street Edge Hill Cairns Queensland

Location and setting : Great
Food  / Menu : neither good nor bad. Try for yourself but not high on my list to return
Drinks : coffee - nice sized cup but for me to milky for a flat white
Special : table numbers - a jar with fresh flowers with a number hand drawn on the side that you are given to take to the table
Service : Counter service to order then delivered to your table

Monday, 3 March 2014

Just recently I spent a week in Strathalbyn South Australia and while I was there I went to one of my must visit wine regions. It's under 15 minutes drive away : Langhorne Creek. First stop was a tasting room called the Winehouse which presents a bunch of boutique Langhorne Creek labels.

One of my favourite wines is a Durif but I was not aware if this wine was produced in the area. I asked at the WineHouse and they sent me to Newmans HorseRadish Farm as they had Rusticana Wines  and they made a Durif which was available for tasting. In the car 10 minutes away and a tasting was done and a purchase was made. Holiday tasting is always fraught with danger (tastes good while on holidays but not so good when you are at home) and that's why you must take one home to try!!

While I was at Newmans HorseRadish Farm I spotted another product/brand I have not seen Franck Food and they make the best Pâté I have tasted - As they say "Do yourself a favour" and try it : beautiful

There is so much more to this short week that is good food good wine and interesting people  but another day for that..

Saturday, 1 March 2014

wondering what this is?
Food Booze Places

I'm a newbie at all things blogging but I'm here to give it a go and deliver as well as 
(I hope) receive some interesting information that could be of value.

This blog will be (if I work out how to use if effectively) my diary of all things from the past, present and future relating to FBP